Intelligent business decision support system


Formation of balance sheet items for investment, operating and financial activities of the company

Collections of ready-made models

Built-in repository and marketplace of ready-to-use technical and economic models AssetModel Market


Sensitivity analysis, Tornado, What-If and Monte Carlo analytical modules

Reports and Dashboards

Automatic creation of reports and dashboards reflecting any data and indicators

Project Management

Interactive Gantt Charts and analytical module Plan-Fact
IT service for modeling and analyzing business cases, investment projects and business assets, which helps clients make optimal business decisions that allow companies to achieve maximum economic effect in the shortest possible time.

AssetData is:

Built-in references and marketplace of engineering and financial data AssetData Market

Actual data

How it works?







AssetData's innovative interface and algorithms give users an easy, user-friendly experience at all stages of operations
Automatization of modeling and analytics processes reduces project evaluation time from weeks and months to a few hours
Actual, verified data from reliable sources ensures the highest accuracy of calculations
The know-how of AssetData Group and technology partners ensures the highest level of cybersecurity
Ability to model and analyze different types of business assets and industries
Ability to trace all mathematical dependencies and sources of all input data used in the project

Our advantages:

$ 89 Trillion - The Potential Impact Of The AssetData Platform
mathematical models for various business assets’ types
AssetData uses Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) with data reliability of 99.999999999% (11 nines) as it automatically creates and stores copies of all objects in multiple independent systems

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target industries
By choosing AssetData, you get an ecosystem that provides you with all 4 values ​​you need to make optimal business decisions - DATA, MODELS, COMPETENCES and SOFTWARE, which will allow you to achieve maximum economic benefits in the shortest possible time again and again.

AssetData Win

Desktop version of AssetData Platform for Windows

AssetData Web

The web version of the AssetData Platform, accessible for Windows and macOS from browser via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)